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Live Classes Online

WebEx Logo Acumen Training regularly-scheduled classes now appear on our calendar in two forms:

  • Regular classes, taught in our offices in San Juan Capistrano
  • Live Classes Online taught wherever you want to be by way of WebEx.

If you’ve never taken a class via WebEx, it’s impressive: you and the instructor see each other, talk to each other, and interact as you would on a video chat.

In addition, you share a virtual white board, you see the instructor’s overheads and sample code, you can share files on the fly. The E-Class experience is as deep and educationally useful as a class in San Juan Capistrano.

Your travel expenses, however, will be zero.

Travel_Costs_ZeroAcumen Training conducts regularly scheduled live online classes for which anyone may register. Live online classes can also be set up as a substitute for a small onsite (an "Onsite Online" class); if your organization has 1 to 4 people that need to take a course, you can arrange a custom live online class that will be reserved for your group. Details, including pricing, for Onsite Online classes are available here.

How Does It Work?

scn.WebExClient_300x182.Retina Live online classes closely match the experience of attending a traditional live class: you see the instructor, your fellow students (if they allow it), a virtual whiteboard, overheads, code samples, and everything else you would be looking at if you and I were in the same room.

Live Online classes are scheduled like a traditional classes:

  • Regularly-scheduled classes are conducted on dates posted on the Acumen website.
  • Onsite Online classes are scheduled at a time of your convenience.

A week or so before the class' scheduled start time, I ship the student manuals and handouts to you (one set for each student) and each student will receive an email with a link that lets them join the class.

At class time, the student clicks on the emailed link and accepts the invitation to join the class. His or her computer screen will display all visual elements for the e-class and at that point will be resident in the virtual classroom, as in the screen shot above.

How Well Does It Work?

The Acumen Training Live Online classes have worked very well, indeed. They provide the same learning effectiveness at usually half or less of the total cost of a standard class, because there are no travel costs at all.

How Do I Sign Up?

Sign up for regularly-scheduled e-classes the way you would any Acumen Training class:

  • The Class Schedule page identifies those classes that are being taught as Live Online classes. Just click on the date you want.
  • To arrange an Onsite Online, follow the usual procedure for on-site classes; that procedure, together with pricing, is here.

Pros & Cons

Additional Notes: