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Live Online Banner.mk4.retina Below is a brief description of each of the courses Acumen Training provides. Click on any of the course names for a more detailed description and topic list.

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PDF Courses

PDF 1: File Content and Structure
Four days, hands-on

A hands-on course in constructing and interpreting PDF files, seen from the perspective of printer engineers and support personnel.

PDF 2: Advanced File Content
Four days, hands-on

A follow-on to the first PDF class that completes the coverage of PDF for printed documents, discussing such topics as multibyte text and smooth shading.

Support Engineers' PDF
Two days, hands-on

This course is an in-depth introduction to PDF structure for people who need to examine and diagnose troublesome PDF files. This is intended for "second-level" support engineers who tackle problems that cannot be resolved by field support personnel.

Support PDF

One Day, hands-on

This is a one-day introduction to the PDF file format intended for field support personnel. It discusses the basics of the structure and contents of a PDF file, with an eye toward recognizing possible sources of observed problems.

This course lends itself especially well to WebEx delivery (see the sidebar).


PostScript Courses

PostScript Foundations
Five days, hands-on

An in-depth course in PostScript programming, covering the important mechanisms common to all versions of the PostScript language.

Advanced PostScript
Four days, hands-on

A Four-day course that examines advanced LanguageLevel 2 features, including forms, patterns, CID fonts, and smooth shading. This class covers all of the important capabilities of PostScript Levels 2 and 3.

Troubleshooting PostScript
Three days, hands-on

This course provides field support and other engineers with the knowledge they need to diagnose, isolate, and fix PostScript errors.

Variable Data PostScript
five days, hands-on

A hands-on class in creating variable data documents in PostScript. Covers everything from data stream parsing to setting styled text. Requires the PostScript Foundations course.

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