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Advanced PostScript
(4 days, hands-on)
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A Class in Advanced PostScript Language Features

Advanced PostScript is a four-day, hands-on class that discusses in depth all of the major features of PostScript languagelevels 2 and 3. This class shows the programmer how to take best advantage of forms, in-RIP separations and trapping, masked images, CID-Keyed fonts, and all of the other important features of the PostScript language.

The student comes away knowing in detail how everything in PostScript Level 2 & Level 3 works and why one would want to use each of the features. If you are looking to deepen your PostScript knowledge and learn the boundaries of what Modern PostScript can do, this is the class to take.


Teach the student how to use the most important features of PostScript Level 2 and Level 3.


PostScript Foundations, PostScript for Support Engineers, Acquired Knowledge's PostScript Level 1, or equivalent experience. Students who possess “equivalent experience” must be able to answer all questions on the Qualifying Questions for Advanced PostScript page.


Printer engineers, software engineers, advanced software and hardware support personnel.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Forms
  • Filters
  • Filters & restricting errors
  • Filters and forms
  • Pattern fills
  • Resources

Day 2

  • Color Spaces
  • Color rendering dictionaries
  • In-RIP separations
  • In-RIP trapping
  • Masked images

Day 3

  • Binary encoding
  • Idiom recognition
  • Function dictionaries
  • Smooth shading

Day 4

  • Halftoning
  • Fonts: Multiple writing directions
  • CID-keyed fonts
  • Composite fonts
  • Copypage behavior

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