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Troubleshooting PostScript
(3 days, hands-on)
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A course in diagnosing and fixing PostScript files

Troubleshooting PostScript is a three-day, hands-on course in diagnosing troublesome PostScript files. This is not a full programming course, but a streamlined, practical course in determining what is wrong with a PostScript file and what to do about it

This class teaches enough PostScript programming to understand what a troublesome file is trying to do; it introduces you to debugging techniques that establish the source of the trouble; it teaches you how to look for problems that may lie with the RIP or printing environment, rather than the PostScript code; finally, the class applies its debugging techniques to samples of "bad" PostScript code.

Students are encouraged to bring their own samples of troubled PostScript for examination in class.


Students will leave class knowing how to examine, diagnose, and fix problematic PostScript code. When presented with a PostScript-related problem, the student will know how to inspect the file, step through the code locating the error, and determine the probable cause of the problem.


A good technical background. Programming experience will be helpful, though not necessary.


Printer field support engineers and other support personnel who must deal with failed print jobs, but do not need to be PostScript programmers.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Basic PostScript Drawing: Line Art & Text
  • Coordinate systems
  • Operand Stack
  • Basic Color
  • gsave & grestore
  • Variables & Procedures
  • Loops

Day 2

  • Conditional Execution
  • Save, Restore & Exiting the Server Loop
  • In-line data & Filters
  • Resources
  • Color Spaces
  • Printing Images
  • Trapping Errors With stopped
  • Selecting Printer-Specific Features

Day 3

  • Fonts, Font Management & Font Problems
  • Document Structuring Convention
  • Sample PostScript Output
  • Using PPD Files for Research
  • PostScript Debugging Operators
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Common PostScript Errors

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